About Us

Empire Watches Ltd has been offering genuine brand name luxury watches on the web for over 10 years. In the past, watches like Emporio Armani and G-shock were only available from a few high street retailers in the large cities, in early 2007 we set up the online website to sell watches, which has now become an instant success and allowed us to grow to be one of the largest online retailer of watches World Wide.
Situated in London in the U.K, we have an advanced efficient mail order warehouse set up, which allows us to send out almost any size package, using one of many different courier companies
Why buy from us?

All of our watches are brand new, 100% authentic quality timepieces with serial numbers intact. Each watch is delivered in the original box with warranties to match the manufacturers. We do not sell replica or refurbished watches or manufacturer's rejects!
Empire Watches buys directly from authorized dealers and respected industry wholesalers. Offering you the most extensive selection of luxury watches available on-line, we purchase in large quantities and leverage our tremendous buying power to get the best price for you, the customer.

At Empire Watches, our customer service is second to none. We are committed to providing you with 100% satisfaction with your buying experience. You can feel confident shopping securely, and enjoying the flexibility of our payment options.
Why are our watches so affordable?

While authorized dealers are bound by pricing controls placed on them by the manufacturers, Empire Watches is not an authorized dealer and is thereby able to sell current merchandise at prices up to 70% below retail. 

Compared to many high street stores, we do not have the large running costs associated with conventional retail, managing a store, employing staff e.t.c. With our business model, there are no middle men, who add their sizeable commission. One of the key factors of how we sell is; the amount that we sell - we work on a volume basis, selling well over 1000 watches each and every week! We buy in massive bulk and work on the principle of; not much profit for each watch but instead selling many watches. We work very hard to buy them at the lowest possible cost. The result: you get genuine merchandise at exceptional prices.
Our customers can also benefit from browsing items at their pleasure and compare the different watches on-line from various brands with a wealth of information about each product including multiple high quality images.
Our knowledgeable and well-trained staff is here for you. Please contact us at sales@empirewatches.co.uk or 0844 334 4480 and let us know how we can help you.